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Label Setup

60 - 90 day program

Today's music business entrepreneur must understand the various areas of the music business that apply to protection of assets and monetization of the assets.  Industry works and its Thirty plus years of experience will provide the service and instruction to you and your team to be able to handle and execute day to day operations.


Label Services 

Semi annual and annual options

Industry Works and its team will provide day to day support for you team regarding operations, administration and project management for your creative efforts.  Be it a Mixtape, Album or Single, IW has the resources to support you and your team on all levels of the business. 


Label Services and Marketing Services

Six Month roll out

IW has aligned with many of the top Digital Marketing, Social Media, Promotions, and publishing to support and indie artist, label or management with the rollout of a project.


Artist Concierge Services

Industry Works provides agency services for the the following:
-Make Up Artists
-Hair Stylists/Barbers
-Studio Sessions
-Travel and Accommodations

-Project Vendors


Publishing Set-Up 

2-4 Weeks

-Publishing LLC Registration ($ Varies by State)
-IRS EIN Registration (No Fee)
-BMI Publishing Registration ($250)
-ASCAP Publishing Registration ($50)
-Harry Fox Registration ($100)
-The MLC (No Fee)


ISRC Registration

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings. The ISRC Code for a song is the equivalent of a social security number for a person. It is key that you own your ISRC codes rather than using a generically assigned ISRC code from your digital aggregator (Distrokid, TuneCore, CD Baby).

-ISRC Registration ($99)
-3 Year Google Sheet with populated ISRC Codes


Metadata & Encoding

Music metadata is the information included in audio files used to identify, label and present audio content. 

Metadata includes information like artist, genre, label, song titles, album name and track numbers. Metadata began as basic info encoded directly into the files on a CD.

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